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Fairly standard procedure for the circumstance but I have to give him credit for trying to be creative. Video Games: Nintendo released its first console in 1983 and playing video games became a huge part of every kid's life.

My husband was 10 at the time and, for many years up to and through college, his socializing with friends including gaming. Practicing for Retirement: My husband is at the pinnacle of his career and spends much time on education, networking, and working long hours.

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I played games, too, but most of them involved the consumption of alcohol including "What did I do last night to embarrass myself? " The benefit of his gaming hobby is I can usually get a bulk discount when buying Christmas gifts for him and the children. Time Warp: Sometimes, while discussing important cultural events, my husband will say "I read about that in my "Recent Significant Cultural Events" class in college while I say "Wait a minute! His co-workers think I am either a figment of his imagination or suffering from a mysterious chronic illness as I have "not been feeling well" for the last 32 office functions involving spouses.I'm not one of those women who fear my younger spouse will ditch me eventually for a young hot babe but there are definitely some drawbacks: 1. I didn't stalk him in the bushes and drag him home to my senior assisted-living apartment.The Comments: If one more person, after finding out my husband is 10 years younger, says "You GO, girl! My husband pointed out no one ever says anything to him so he is off that hook. "Way to work out your lingering mother issues, dude"? The Assumption We Are Having Sex 24/7: While it's true younger men have more (ahem) stamina, our sex life is as boring and predictable as any other married couple. Communication Issues: Words change meanings over generations which can result in some humorous exchanges.It's never a real problem until we go on long car rides when there is inevitably a power struggle for the radio.

This is when I get fake car sick and we pull over to a rest stop for me to recover. He Doesn't Know How to Fix Things: By the time we were married, I had owned several homes and encountered the many issues that arise with home ownership.

I’ve met many charming men who have been very nice to me.