China popular dating show

04-Jun-2017 16:43

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Each round opens with a short video introduction for a lone male suitor, in which important details about him are revealed.

The women will then choose to decide if they would like to While there have been numerous success stories of couples actually finding love on the show, getting a date is not so easy for the males.

According to the report, men care more about external appearance, physical health, and emotional experience, while women care more about a man’s economic conditions, health, and career.

A new dating show is sparking huge controversy online after inviting bachelors' parents to judge if a candidate is a good match for their son, leaving the audience questioning whether Chinese men are overindulged and their families meddle too much in marriage.

To engage users and encourage gift purchases, YY created charts ranking dating participants based on the value of virtual gifts.

The dating show recently rolled out a premium subscription in an attempt to add another monetization channel.

Only one family said their son's preference would come first.

The show culminated when a contestant, Lin Jiali, stepped onto the stage with her homemade soup, seemingly winning the hearts of all the family members and the bachelors.

It involves five single men, who are required to stay in a separated room offstage while watching a monitor as their parents interact with the single women.

Based on a popular dating show format in China, YY’s online dating show has a virtual stage that can accommodate up to five male and five female users, with a host moderating each session.

YY allows anyone to participate or apply to be a host.

Contestants usually get insults from the women, from his boring personality or his ridiculous outfit.

Sometimes, the women would just want to take jabs at the poor guy’s ego.Shows on the YY platform are live streamed and multiple sessions can take place at the same time.

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