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He was doing an impression of his father doing the ''testing, testing... Howard said Kevin will be in today to promote something. Howard said he saw on Calista Flockhart that she's calling herself the queen of all media. He said there are a lot of alien attacks on Supergirl.

one, two.'' He said his dad was a recording engineer and he loved testing. Fred played some of that audio where Ben was talking about ''proper modulation'' and ''a green type of tube.'' Howard laughed. He said his dad had an engineering background and he knew what that stuff was. Robin brought up the Wonder Woman movie and Howard asked if she saw it yet. Howard said he was reading about the female director and they're saying that the reason for the big success is that she told a story with heart and it worked.

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Currently, he is writing his thesis titled 'Jewish Dionysus: Heine, Nietzsche and the Politics of Literature' while pursuing a doctorate in modern European history at the University of California at Berkeley.

He said the people he's proud of are the Wachowski brothers who became women so they can do a better job.

Howard said he's anxious to see the Wonder Woman movie. She said she was thinking back to the Wonder Woman comic books and she was always saving the world.

He said they had some funny scenes but they needed a romance in there.

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He said they had all of these sexless hot girls and no story.

He said that Bill told the guy that he doesn't work in the field and he's a ''house nigger.'' Howard said he knew this was coming up when he was watching it.