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29-Oct-2017 05:45

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In the world of DNS experts, there’s no higher authority.

Vixie wrote central strands of the DNS code that makes the internet work.

Then Trump announced in an interview with the New York Times his unwillingness to spring to the defense of NATO allies in the face of a Russian invasion.

Trump even invited Russian hackers to go hunting for Clinton’s emails, then passed the comment off as a joke.

Word arrived that Russian hackers had infiltrated the servers of the Democratic National Committee, an attack persuasively detailed by the respected cybersecurity firm Crowd Strike.

The computer scientists posited a logical hypothesis, which they set out to rigorously test: If the Russians were worming their way into the DNC, they might very well be attacking other entities central to the presidential campaign, including Donald Trump’s many servers.

“When they say something about DNS, you believe them.After studying the logs, he concluded, “The parties were communicating in a secretive fashion. This is more akin to what criminal syndicates do if they are putting together a project.” Put differently, the logs suggested that Trump and Alfa had configured something like a digital hotline connecting the two entities, shutting out the rest of the world, and designed to obscure its own existence.