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’ at former BBC boss Alan Yentob, who resigned in 2015 over the Kids Company scandal.

Yentob, standing next to me, led the raucous laughter.

First, Ed’s eternal positivity, born out from this quote repeated by GQ editor Dylan Jones: ‘I perceive life as a long highway littered with green lights.’Second, his refreshing frankness: ‘Ed once asked how I was,’ said Nigella, ‘and when I began to tell him he stopped me and said, “Nigella, if someone asks how are you, they don’t ever actually want to know!

” ’Ed adored gossip too, so he’d have loved the moment when Mel Brooks shouted ‘You still in disgrace, Alan?

Sensing he was a diplomat or something, I began pontificating about the state of the world.

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As I stood among a group including William Hague, a US official introduced me to a well-spoken Englishman.So, I’d been lecturing one of Britain’s finest military men… Fortunately, Ambassador Johnson spared me any more blushes by making a speech.‘Many of you do not know the President,’ he said. ’Tonight, I attended a memorial party at the River Café restaurant for literary super-agent Ed Victor, who died in the summer.