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11-Nov-2017 22:32

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If you are not sure if you are still hung up on your ex or if you’re ready to move on, these next 15 signs will definitely help you get clarity.

And fortunately, that realization was exactly what ushered new love into my life.And it doesn’t help when your ex is sending you mixed signals.MORE: Hidden Signs Your Ex Still Loves You If you are in the same scenario, the first step towards ultimate healing could just be getting clarity on what’s happening on his side of the street.Right now, however, you might not be in a place where you can start true healing. Maybe you are questioning your own feelings for your ex.

Maybe you are second guessing the breakup itself – thinking of scenarios where things could have gone differently. I’ve been there enough times – somewhere stuck between wanting him back, wanting him to want me back, and hoping for us to get back together in the future.

[Click here to keep reading…] A lot of the pain we experience when a relationship ends is the result of our own illusions about the relationship, about our ex, and about ourselves.

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