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He starts talking about his encounter with Harrelson in 2009, as hip-hop blasts from his radio. I'm like, ' Woody, that's assault, that's assault.'"It was Vlad's first meltdown with a star, but it wouldn't be his last. Vlad won't roll down the window."That dude is a leech," says Vlad. Every fuckin' day this cock-blower just runs around, jumpin' on shit. On the side is a logo; the upstairs seats are filled with dozens of bunnies. Vlad started out on his bike when he first came to Los Angeles in 2010, so he treats Dominic semi-nicely, in a Fagin-Oliver kind of way. He told them he'd been attacked, but the home office had other concerns. Like many famous people, Fisher has an intuition about paps and somehow sensed Vlad's presence parked outside. The new law was spearheaded by Halle Berry after being swarmed by paps at LAX last year leading her to scream, "Jesus, what is wrong with you people?Vlad's gone solo since, but at the time he was shooting for TMZ. There have been run-ins with Robert De Niro's driver; Hopper Penn, Sean's son; and Amanda Bynes in the past four years. But his bitch ass will have a fuckin' cow if you jump on his shit." He slips into a decent Cockney accent: "Eh! Luckily, he had another minicam and started filming Harrelson with that. They talk six or seven times a day, trading info on stars who are heading in one another's direction. Soul Cycle class on Sunset where Olivia Wilde and Ashley Benson sweat it out on the bike. She induced a sales clerk to walk out in front of her and even slid in on the passenger side of her car. That's a child here."In January, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, the parents of a one-year-old, went a step further, launching a campaign against what they named, regrettably, the pedorazzi, and proclaimed their refusal to do interviews with outlets that use unauthorized shots of stars' kids.Vlad consents and then snags Jessie wearing a wig and a tired smile."Jessie's huge in England," he says. Sometimes it's to work the easy side of the rope line; he never seemed more relaxed than while shooting a Saturday-night baby shower thrown for Vanessa Simmons at Sugar Factory, a posh candy store."I'll shoot her every day, and I'll have a complete story to sell. The party's guests included her uncle, Russell Simmons. "Russell thinks I should shoot a pilot about me and my little girl, Kaydence, , about the Louds, TV's first reality family, and loved it."The Kardashians are the living embodiment of the Louds," says Vlad.That's when he's not trailing behind celebrity SUVs that are taking tots home from play dates.The 40-year-old Vlad is six feet three, but he's no zombie.He is parked in an alley across from the London hotel, one of his favorite haunts.Labissiere spends a lot of time in alleys waiting for his shots.

Vlad checks her Instagram page and sees that she's at the rooftop pool, so it will be a while. ' And the dude bum-rushes me and smashes­ my camera to shit. But this one is different from the tour buses trawling through West Hollywood on the lookout for Kanye and Kim leaving the Chateau Marmont. Dominic works the celebrity quadrant from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills on a bike because he lost his license for reckless driving back in Europe. You come to fuckin' West Hollywood, you see some dude doin' coke." Dominic clicks off, and Vlad takes the Mercedes back to the London hotel. After Harrelson finally stalked away, Vlad called in to the TMZ office. "This dude just attacked me, and all I hear back is, ' Did you get the shot? Across the street is a West Elm where Vlad recently shot Isla Fisher. This sucks for the paps, since mom-and-kid shots sell best.

Fellini's buzzing flies have become TMZ's serfs. Well, except when Hopper Penn called him the n-word and a vicious gay slur while he tracked his father, Sean, in the 90210 last year. Mind you, those standards may be slightly different from yours or most of Western civilization's, but they are still standards. An SUV pulls out of the London hotel and Vlad follows. He trails her to Record Plant studios, powering by her on Melrose so he can arrive a minute or two early and set up. If she's with the kid, it's even better." Vlad might make about 0 for an exclusive Jones shot, but could make twice that for one with her kid. He debates going home to change after this chase ends."Man, I'm getting dirty and shit, yo. I work really hard to fucking stay clean."Many paps see themselves as simple hacks, grinding out pics of whatever celeb is in front of them, often not knowing who they've shot until later. Sure, he can come across as Vlad the Barbarian, jumping in the face of celebs and sitting here behind Jones and her kid, but he wants something more from his pap life than shooting 50 sets a week and working six 12-hour days.