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10-Nov-2017 04:51

The second piece features S2 top 8 guy Cody and his partner, top 6 girl Melanie.

They spent the season with the reputation much that like of US S5’s Randi and Evan, “they’re just so cute!

It has great musicality and they both ooze personality.

With the possibility of as many as 3 tappers in the S6 top 20, having Sean, who has a tap background, could be a great pull.

Though, here's the complete translation of the article.

At Club Opera, on december 31st, an exclusive show from the Pinup Saints.

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Everett is a tapper, and Sean was able to stick a lot of tap in there and he knew that Everett could pull it off.This is another one of Blake’s pieces featuring S1 finalist Miles Faber and his partner Lisa Auguste. He’s a super versatile choreographer whose pieces range from afro-jazz to broadway (in Canada, they call it “musical theatre”. I think the mixing of their skin tones with their white costumes is exquisite.